Visit the Ramboll booth

Visit our booth for inspiring conversations and innovative solutions – a representation of what we can offer you as a colleague, client, or partner. 

The booth is where you can experience a fraction of Ramboll by meeting our experts, participating presentations, and trying out some of our solutions brought to the congress. 


One area of our booth will be dedicated to our newly launched Opseyes concept. We will exhibit an aqauarium in which you can try out our new wastewater microscopy testing concept. In just 10 minutes after taking a sample, Opseyes will give you a data report on the water quality.  

Sludge bricks

A sample of Ramboll's sludge bricks will be exhibited as well. The bricks are made of sludge from waste water treatment plants and is a prototype on a sustainable brick potentially used in future buildings. 


The specific location of the booth is not yet available. 


Now, the quality of drinking water has to be ensured by doing tests on drain cocks.

Ramboll experts at the booth

During the congress, you will be able to meet and discuss with several Ramboll experts with years of experience within the water sector.  

Click here for a list of who will be representing Ramboll at the booth. 

Technical tours

Ramboll will be represented in three technical tours during the congress. 

Climate adaptation city tour

Climate adaptation boat tour

Water quality and climate neutrality boat tour


Click here to read more about the tours and sign up.