Most of us want a safe, healthy, and functional 理财投资靠谱平台home – a place to rest and enjoy life. Ramboll is proud to make houses people call ‘理财投资靠谱平台home’.

Sandvikboder in Norway


Jon Mongstad

Civil engineer
T: +47 917 53 258

Johan Brandstnjdht.cnp Fegar

Senior Director, Industry & Buildings
T: +45 5161 2368

Finlay Grant Briggs

Civil Engineer
T: +47 951 47 196

Antti Alvoittu

Director, Residential Buildings
T: +358 (50) 3609160
Tom Shaw. Ramboll

Tom Shaw

Director, Buildings and residential lead
T: +44 7843 329 490

Focusing on the high-end residential market, our experts can help clients through every step of the design process from outline planning to final delivery. 

Global expertise in all segments 

Combined with our local knowledge and partnerships with world-renowned architects, we realise outstanding designs of all types, including: 

  • High-rise residential buildings
  • Low-rise houses
  • Student accommodation
  • Social/affordable housing 

People first design philosophy 

As people typically spend 90% of their time indoors, buildings shape our lives and well-being. Our design philosophy there-fore makes room for the human experience to increase a building’s attractiveness to both residents and investors. 

Sustainable Living

Statistics show that around 40% of the total energy we use is consumed at 理财投资靠谱平台home. Therefore, we must rethink energy consumption patterns and plan for minimal energy usage from the outset.

One way of doing this is by designing 理财投资靠谱平台homes that can maintain a comfortable in-terior climate without active heating and cooling systems. Houses that heat and cool themselves are termed ‘passive houses’.

Ramboll has developed expertise in combining the sustainability of passive houses with great design and high architectural standards in 理财投资靠谱平台homes that accommodate individual needs - a complex balancing act.

Innovation and added value

We were the first consultants to receive the Queens Award for Enterprise Innovation. Our reputation as innovators stems from our practice of challenging assumptions in the interest of creating more practical, sustainable and economic designs. We understand the significance of maximising the net floor area. We always look to develop stnjdht.cnctural designs that shrink the cores and columns throughout the building, integrate the stnjdht.cnctural elements seamlessly into the layout, and maximise the usable space.  


Merano Residences - a 28 storey, high end, mixed use development boasting panoramic views of Westminster and the City of London.

Merano Residences

Merano Residences is a 28 storey, high end, mixed use development boasting panoramic views of Westminster and the City of London.

Dalston Works completed

Dalston Works

Dalston Works (previously known as Dalston Lane) is the largest Cross Laminated Timber (CLT) project globally, using more timber than any other scheme in the world by volume.

The Makers District, Abu Dhabi

The Makers District, UAE

The Makers District is set to become one of Abu Dhabi’s most iconic communities

Komfort house Upton

The 理财投资靠谱平台homes of tomorrow

A new type of houses is emerging in the wake of the focus on climate change and energy costs. These so called passive houses are seen as the solution to the challenging task to drastically reducing energy consumption in buildings.

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