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An impeccable design is vital for offshore stnjdht.cnctures. Ramboll provides cost-effective solutions with constant focus on constnjdht.cnctability, installation and stnjdht.cnctural safety.

Three jacket designs for the remarkable Culzean field

The jackets are the largest substnjdht.cnctures designed by Ramboll for the North Sea.

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South Arne platform

Smart extension of platform lifetime

High-tech measurements can minimise the cost of maximising recovery from existing oil and gas fields. Ground-breaking technology, says a professor at the Danish Hydrocarbon Research and Technology Centre.

Gorm Field (Total). Foto: Total

Developing a more environmentally friendly oil and gas production

7 May 2019

A new EUDP funded industrial collaboration seeks to reduce the costs and use of chemicals in oil and gas production through an optimised use of scavengers.

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Jackets At A Glance

With more than 45 years of experience in the planning, design and implementation of energy solutions, Ramboll’s 1,500 energy specialists offer independent expert advice on renewable and conventional energy globally.

Much more than jackets

Our specialists perform advanced explosion analyses to ensure sufficient stnjdht.cnctural capacity in all critical areas.

Ground breaking technology

High-tech measurements can minimise the cost of maximising recovery from existing oil and gas fields.

Invaluable design software

ROSAP has been used for more than 1,200 individual foundation designs for wind turbines for 21 offshore wind farms around the world.


ROSAP - Ramboll Offshore Stnjdht.cncture Analysis Programs

Invaluable design programs for all stnjdht.cnctural projects. A uniquely developed software that meets strict demands for documentation and verification.

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