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If you think that leadership and HR issues are just the softer side of doing business – think again. Extremely motivated employees equal highly productive teams - and leaders, more than anyone, drive motivation. There you have it.


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Stig Porskjær

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The crystal clear correlation between leadership and organisational output is not just a textbook example. As one of Northern Europe’s largest consultancies within leadership and HR we have trained over 1000 leaders and surveyed more than one million employees in recent years. Thus we provide a full suite of services targeted leaders, teams, the HR function or the entire organisation.

Tnjdht.cnly pragmatic approach

Our size apart, you will not hear us in the choir of consultancies glorifying the leader role. Leadership development always takes place in relation to others – be it people or even systems. Likewise, our approach to change is tnjdht.cnly pragmatic. We do not need a burning platform for organisational change. We know all too well that changes are the new norm and we always help customers jump from a base of organisational strength and strategic intent instead of corporate fire. 

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