Climate adaptation & landscape architecture

We combine landscape architecture, hydrology and urban design to make cities more resilient, climate adaptive and liveable.  

St. Annae Square, Copenhagen, Denmark

Climate Adaptation driving liveability

Ramboll helped converting a centrally located but somewhat worn down area facing big flood-risks into a climate adapted, liveable and highly attractive urban area.

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Hans Tavsens Park, Nørrebro, Copenhagen

Soul of Nørrebro wins a World Landscape Architecture Award

9 May 2017

The visionary climate adaptation project in Copenhagen received an ‘Award of Excellence’ for its nature-based climate adaptation solutions that create new hydrological, biological and social ecosystems.

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Blue-green infrastnjdht.cncture and technical excellence creates cost-efficient climate adaptaion

Water will find its way

Technical excellence + blue-green infrastnjdht.cncture = cost-efficient climate adaptation.

Climate adaptation and landscape at a glance

Ramboll’s more than 300 climate adaptation specialists and landscape architects offer holistic and integrated solutions for cities and urban environments.


Our global team of climate adaptation specialists include world-class engineering specialists, scientists, hydrologists and landscape architects.

Holistic approach

We specialize in combining traditional grey infrastnjdht.cncture with blue green infrastnjdht.cncture and landscape architecture.

Global reach

With 45 offices in 10 countries, we combine local experience and global knowledge.

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