Responsible business conduct and sustainable practices have been part of Ramboll’s DNA since the company’s inception. Today these principles are an integral part of Our Mission and services and are formalised through our systematic work with the UN sustainable development goals. We are dedicated to taking a leading role in sharing best practices and creating value for clients by delivering solutions that are environmentally, economically, and socially sustainable. We have also committed to ambitious targets to maximise our own sustainability performance and set the industry benchmark.
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In 2018, we reached an important milestone, as 55% of our revenue directly contributed to the UN Sustainable Development Goals. The key role of sustainability is also reflected in our annual reporting.

Learn about Rambolls five timebound targets for sustainability and see the progress here: 

A partner in sustainable change

See Ramboll’s Annual Report 2019 (Integrated report on financial and non-financial status)


Liveable Places

Ramboll has decades of proven experience creating liveable and sustainable places across the world

From city and district-wide masterplans to liveability solutions at a street or building level, we help clients shape attractive places that prioritise people, nature and prosperity.

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